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Welcome to the Marketing Mentors Podcast. A podcast for aspiring marketing professionals by marketing professionals. Brought to you by RedPandas Digital.

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Tuesday Sep 27, 2022

Did you know more than 50% of all Australian mothers are working mothers? In this episode Tasha is joined by CFO and Head of People and Culture at RedPandas and they discuss the challenges and joys of working parent life. They share invaluable insights into being successful and present at work and at home.  

Monday Sep 12, 2022

57% of employers are less likely to interview someone if they can't find them online. In this episode, Tasha and Linda talk about what building a personal brand looks like, how to do it, and some key takeaways on why it is so important. They share some valuable insights into how you can start building your own personal brand today!

Monday Aug 15, 2022

The average Australian might spend up to 4 hours a day on social media, and what’s even more interesting is 50% of Aussies check their phone as soon as they get up in the morning. In this episode Linda and Tasha discuss how social media can be toxic when not balanced correctly. They share insights and opinions on how social media can be toxic and addictive to many of us… 

Monday Aug 01, 2022

What is it like to be a digital marketing account manager? In this episode Tasha and Linda discuss what it is like to be a Digital Marketing Account Manager at RedPandas. Some of the key skills required and some of the challenges in the roll.  

Monday Jul 18, 2022

In this episode Linda and Tasha share 4 of the habits some of the world’s most successful people swear by. They discuss how they use some of these habits themselves and the impact they have seen on their personal and professional lives in doing so.  

Monday Jul 04, 2022

In this episode Linda and Tasha chat about some themes that emerge from the recent email Elon Musk sent to his team at Tesla. There are 3 topics that Linda and Tasha raise in which many workplaces around the world could understand and contribute to the discussion! 

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

In this episode, Tasha and Linda discuss mentorship and sponsorship, and how these are key drivers of success. They share what to look for in a mentor and some personal insights into their own mentoring and mentee experiences. 

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

In this episode, Linda and Tasha discuss the four types of personality types and how they correspond to different behavioural responses. Understanding temperament can be enormously helpful in daily life--on the job, at home, and in our relationships. Do you know your own temperament or where you sit on the Disc personality framework?  

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Is a university degree even worth it in 2022? Listen in as Tasha and Linda discuss their views on whether getting a University Degree in Marketing is still relevant today. They share their own personal experiences and career paths and how they each have their respective opinions on what they believe to be necessary in pursuing a career in marketing in 2022. 

Tuesday May 31, 2022

In this episode Linda and Tasha discuss their thoughts on these potentially power diminishing things that they have been doing in many of their client and sales calls. They also offer ways to navigate change and turn the power dynamic into a 50/50 between you, your client and or sales opportunities!   


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